Article: Top 10 Reasons to Use an Actual REALTOR® Instead of an App!

Here are the top reasons to use an actual REALTOR instead of a real estate app!

#1 An experienced REALTOR can help you sell your home or property more quickly and for more money than if you try to do it on your own! A REALTOR will ensure that you get the most value for your property and manage all the challenges that can arise working with multiple offers and tons of paperwork. Every buying or selling experience is unique and an actual REALTOR is equipped with the knowledge to make your experience smooth and fast! In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 9 out of 10 home sellers work with an actual REALTOR because there are two strong advantages: the REALTOR may be able to sell your property more quickly and will normally sell it for a higher price, earning you more money. An app simply lists your home but does not guide you along the way and solve problems like an actual REALTOR can.

#2 An actual REALTOR can help determine what your optimal list or asking price should be based on comparable sales of similar properties in your immediate area as well as considering the features within those comps. A REALTOR can also advise on whether you would be better off starting at the top of the market with your asking price and leaving a little room to negotiate down, or they might also advise you to list your property at a lower price to entice more buyers to make offers and perhaps bid against each other to drive your sales price higher. Apps use a “software program” to guestimate what your listing price should be but doesn’t take all the details into consideration – this can cost you money if your property sells for less than it should.

#3 Actual REALTORS also have access to the multiple listing service (MLS), a database that publicizes the listings in each area. These MLS listings are "fed" to other real estate professionals as well as online apps and websites like Zillow,, Trulia and others automatically. This will broadcast your home for sale to massive audiences and amplify the benefits of using a REALTOR! Many apps house your listing only within the app and charge you extra fees to include MLS.

#4 With an actual REALTOR, you will have the guidance of an expert when negotiating, weighing, and accepting offers, as well. This also includes determining the qualifications of buyers who make offers on your property. A good REALTOR will help you determine the best offer for your property, thus saving you time and helping you to complete the sale of your property expeditiously; thereby eliminating much of the stress during the entire process. Apps can lack the informed guidance you will need when offers arrive.

#5 An actual REALTOR will give you professional advice on how to list your property! The REALTOR should tell you what to include and what to leave out of your listing, as well as taking clear, professional pictures and/or video. You will have someone committed to performing the vast majority of the work involved in marketing and selling your home instead of all those tasks falling on you. Apps cannot evaluate your unique situation and make unique recommendations on your listing – you’re often left on your own to make those hard decisions.

#6 Actual REALTORs also excel at staging a home or property for sale - either as an expert themselves or through a connection to a professional stager, ensuring your property will look its best to attract more buyers. This makes a huge difference on how quickly you will get offers as well as the amount of each offer. Apps can’t tell you to declutter or how to rearrange furniture or make other changes to make your home or property more attractive to buyers. An actual REALTOR can!

#7 A REALTOR will also host open houses, design marketing strategies, and conduct showings, as necessary. Remember, open houses can be used not only out of necessity but also strategically. If your property is not getting the offers you were hoping for, your REALTOR may recommend an open house or other marketing plan to get more buyers and other agents exposure to your property. REALTORS have the knowledge to use these strategies to earn you more money. Apps cannot provide this type of guidance like an actual REALTOR can.

#8 Your REALTOR will coordinate with all the other vendors involved in the buying or selling process, often including an appraiser, other agents, home inspectors, title companies and notaries. Plus, REALTORS are available to answer your questions and address concerns quickly and guide you through the stack of paperwork needed to buy or sell your property. Fumbling through the forms on your own leaves you wide open for errors that can cost you valuable time or put you in a tough position. An actual REALTOR will help you make sure that the appropriate forms are accurately completed. This is where apps often fail. If a problem arises and stalls your property sale, you might find yourself on hold for a long time in search of support. A REALTOR is just a phone call or text away!

#9 A real estate transaction can be very emotional depending on your exact situation. A good REALTOR will not let your emotion get in the way of you getting the best possible deal for your situation - REALTORS are on your side and will keep your best interest in mind during your transaction.

#10 Many experts in both the financial industry and the mortgage industry strongly recommend enlisting the services of an experienced REALTOR who knows the ins and outs of listing, selling, and purchasing properties successfully and quickly. They have seen it all and know that an actual REALTOR is the best choice to guide you through unknowns. Very few experts in the field recommend Real Estate apps due to the complexity of each real estate transaction, and the unique situation of each buyer and seller!

Conclusion: A REALTOR will make you more money and save you a lot of time and stress when buying or selling your home or property. REALTORS offer the “human side” of real estate that cannot be replaced with any app. Do not try to go it alone! Call Galm Real Estate today and let us make your next real estate transaction fast, smooth and headache free!

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